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Below you can find more information about our wonderful Tour Leaders

Why are we unique?

Our tour leaders on our SCUBA Diving Tours are all Dive Masters or Dive Instructors with over 400 dives. Our trekking leaders have trekked and trained all over the world! Our European Leaders are Bilingual and well versed in the cultures of the destination.

Our Mission As your Tour Leader

We will ensure you have the best possible time! We have extensive local knowledge of our destinations so you get to experience things you may miss out on travelling along. Plus, travelling in a group is strength in numbers! We have exclusive access to attractions, vessels and transport. Not to mention the group environment is always fun and a great way to meet likeminded people!


Meet Our Team

Ron Hunter

Divemaster and Fearless Leader of Quest Tours

Geoff Martin

Adventure Coordinator

Gabby Hunter

Commercial Vessel Master and our beloved Website Designer

Marcus Coombes



Keith Morrison


Gary Johnson

Alaska Expert

Gary Hodgkinson


Felipe Hurtado

Instructor and Colombian genius